Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Fun We Had

Woah, long time no post! I was so busy with my mom that I didn't realize how many days have gone by since I last wrote on my blog. I'm sad to say my mom flew home yesterday (and made it back safe and sound), but we had so much fun the few days she was here. I'm sure she probably feels like she needs a vacation from her vacation because I think I wore her out! I wanted her to see so many things and go so many places that we didn't dillydally too much, and we barely scratched the surface. Poor mom, so excited, with her eyes wide and mouth hanging to the ground, most of the time I was saying, "mom, come on, we have to keep moving!" She could have spent days instead of hours in the few places we went. So what did we do, you ask? Well, here are the highlights. Her first day we went to the Thursday Spitalfields antique market, went to Caravan, walked around Brick Lane and had a great lunch at Leila's. I forgot the camera battery on the charger that day, so I don't have picutres, but it was so much fun. Mom loved the antique market.

On Friday we went to Liberty. Mom loved it! We spent most of our time in the fabric, notions, and yarn section where we looked through craft books and picked out some fabric and yarn for a few projects. Then we had afternoon tea in the cafe. It was soooo delicious--equal parts sweets to sandwiches, just the way we like it. Lois liked the cupcake best.

On Saturday we went to Portobello Road. I thought mom would flip, but then again I could say that about everything she saw everyday she was here. She had such a good time looking at everything. Antiques and vintage treasures, second-hand junk, handmade wares, food, flowers, people watching--it's all at the Saturday market on Portobello Road. As touristy as it is, it's filled eye candy and makes for a very entertaining morning. If you go, definitely go in the morning! The crowds are crazy by 11am.

Later on Saturday we did the touristy bit and rode the London Eye and wandered around The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the Thames. I thought I'd be sick on the London Eye. It made my knees weak, but Lois loved it. She had her head right up against the window the whole time.

Sunday may have been our favorite day. We went to the Columbia Road flower market and wandered around the shops on Columbia road. We stared with a yummy breakfast at Campaina.

Mom, who is a great gardener, loved seeing all the plants and flowers.

We had so much fun in Jessie and Buddug's shop, where mom bought this crow headband for me. I wore it for a while, and she wore it for a while. We looked ridiculous, but it was really fun. I think we ate 9 of those cupcakes too. My mom hates seeing pictures of herself. I can just hear her when she sees this, "Leigh! Why did you post that picture!" Sorry mom, I like it.

On Monday we went to Painswick. I really wanted mom to see the countryside and stay at Jill and Brett's B&B. She thought it was just as beautiful as I did and loved being there. We spent most of our time in the house looking through Jill's stacks and stacks of decorating and craft books. Why leave when you have all those books and the view looks like this?

But we did get outside on Tuesday. We had a great lunch at the local bistro and two of the best desserts (puddings here) that we've ever had, banoffee pie and bread and butter pudding.

We walked around the town, and took the footpath to the stream. I wanted mom to see everything I saw before.

And that was it. The sun set on mom's short visit, and after one night at Byfield House, she had to go back home. On Tuesday afternoon we took the train back to London and then mom left Wednesday morning. I wish she could have stayed longer, but it was so much fun! Love you mom! See you again soon.


Thrifted Treasure said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time together, great fun that your Mum is into markets too. I got my love of thrifting from my Mum :-)

Kim said...

It would be the same with me and my daughter...hurry, Mom we have so much to see. I'll go with your mom..I bet we'd go at the same pace soaking everything in. I love her Etsy Shop!