Wednesday, 19 August 2009


One place on the top of my London list was Liberty, the ritzy boutique department store, famously known for its exclusive line of fabrics, and today Liberty was my outing destination. After reading a whole lot about it on various blogs, I had high expectations, but it did not disappoint at all. It's housed in a beautiful Tudor building with 5 floors, each floor representing different departments.

They have both women and menswear, but my main interest was the housewares and fabric sections. And oh, let me tell you, the fabric was beautiful! They have an upholstery fabric section and a lightweight fabric section, which also includes yarn and other sewing notions as well.

The pictures above and below are from the upholstery fabric section, on the top floor, which gets beautiful light from the roof above.

They even carry wallpaper, and this is part of the wallpaper sample room. Print eye candy at every turn!

Below is the beautiful housewares section with upholstered furniture in none other than Liberty fabrics. (This whole section reminded me of Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things.) Can you see in the center of the building there what looks like water falling? Those are little bitty round cascading glass balls (maybe crystal?) through which light filters down and makes the most beautiful lighting fixture I've ever seen in a store.

If you need some lighting of your own, they have a nice selection to choose from.

Liberty has a number of rooms tucked around the main floors, which gives it a very cozy feel. In one of those little rooms was this tapestry and sofa. I loved it. It was just a painting on lightweight fabric with lights behind it. Don't have much stuff, no artwork, no fireplace? Paint it yourself and hang it up!

London is experiencing particular Liberty madness right now with their Prints Charming exhibition going on and with the recent fash mob competition (go see how cute, Natalie, the winner is). Below are a few pictures from the Prints Charming exhibition, which celebrates the classic Liberty prints and the introduction of 6 new Liberty prints.

Above Liberty block prints. And below a sweet Liberty doll by textile artist Amanda Fatherazi for the exhibition, who also made the most adorable brooches for the exhibition as well, which you can see here on Wee Birdy.

Oh and yesterday, we just went for a long walk--a really long walk. I strolled Lois from our apartment to the Thames, which took about an hour (longer than I was expecting), then we just came back since it took so long! I was pooped after that and of course Lois was a ball of energy when we got back. The view was very rewarding, though, once we got to the river. You can see here the London Eye, the Millennium Bridge, and the Houses of Parliament. What should we do tomorrow? Maybe the Spitalfields Thursday antique market if it's not raining!

Top Liberty swatch image from Wee Birdy.


Ray B said...

The Spitalfields Thursday Market is great and it's covered (if it does rain!)Some lovely little cafes round there too.

Sammy Girl said...

Hello -- referred by Magpie Ethel - aka Laurie! We are heading to London tomorrow and she let me know you are already there and I might benefit from your posts.
Thanks for sharing and maybe we'll find out our paths crossed!
Have a great time!
Betty :)
ps - I follow some of the same blogs and have met a few of your connections. WOW! It is certainly a small world ... er, blogiverse!
B :)

Emily said...

Hi Leigh...Sorry I couldn't hear you on the phone today. Liberty looks fab, unlike any store in Atlanta.

Love and miss you,

littlebyrd said...

NOOOOOO! I am so jealous! This is like my dream spot. I have loved Liberty fabrics forever. I almost couldn't look at the pictures for the longing it created :) But loved every one of them. I am so hahpy you are having fun!!!!