Friday, 21 August 2009

Spitalfield's Thursday Market

Tiddlywinks. Sounds like a very cute British name for a game don't you think? I saw it today at the Thursday antique market at Spitalfields. It was a fairly small market showcasing a lot of the usual suspects: vintage clothes, toys and games, lace and buttons and fabric, cameras and phones, kitchenware, small rickety furniture, and one of my flea favorites--sort of a flea market icon to me--naked dolls and doll parts. It was a little pricey to me, but hey, it's London.

I had a great time at the market and plan to go back to the area and venture into a lot of other nearby shops like Blondie, Retro Trading Co., Labour and Wait, and Caravan, just to name a few. Ah, so many great places on my list! Those will have to wait a few days, though. I think we might have a market filled weekend, which will be just as fun.


caroline said...

can i come over?

nath said...

glad to see you're putting my list to good use. we must fix our date soon!

littlebyrd said...

Pure heaven again :)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh those enamel numbers! Hey Leigh. It all looks so amazing. There is so much inspiration in all the places you have been showcasing. How exciting! And frustrating that you can't just bring everything home!
Miss you,
Lisa & Alfie