Thursday, 24 September 2009

Jessie and Buddug, The Shop

Once upon a time there were two girls, lost in the bright night woods. They did not know where they were or how they got there; they just knew they had to get home. Tired and hungry they walked side by side, not afraid of the night but in admiration for it. They looked up at the stars that glittered like sequins and the leaves that flapped and fluttered in the breeze like birds' wings and thought of home and what they would make when they got there. Creative ideas filled them head to toe.

Jessie dreamt of bags she would sew with her mom and journals she would make from beautiful vintage books, tied with ribbon and adorned with buttons and watch faces.

She also imagined stories she would embroider onto silk. Chapter by chapter, the words appeared to her mind. She watched how the moon cast its light through the trees and longed to draw its beams and shadows that streamed to the ground.

Buddug dreamt of enamel necklaces she would cast with wise quotes or in the shape of colorful teapots or birds.

As she listened to the few chirps of the night, she swore one sweet bird was on her head and thought it might sing them home.

As they walked they filled their pockets with leaves, flowers, nutshells, and twigs. Inspired by the nature all around them, they wanted to bring it home and sew it into something beautiful for all the world to see.

They reached a clearing and in the distance saw home, their shop, perched atop the flowers of Columbia Road. "They hand in hand with wandering steps slow, through Eden took their solitary way"* and began to create the magical works that let them know they were home.

Jessie and Buddug, The Shop
Upstairs at 146 Columbia Road
Tower Hamlets
London, E2 7RG
Saturday 12 - 4, Sunday 9 - 3
and by appointment
Jessie Chorley
Buddug Humphreys

*John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book XII
Story by me, inspired by them.


Emily said...

Enjoyed your story Leigh! Wish we could go with them to Wales and work hand and hand, no pun intended.

miss and love xxxoooxxx

Hat lady said...

Very nice work. Thanks for the information. I like the teapots necklaces. I´ll visit her site.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Leigh, these two women are AMAZING!!! I would have just been drooling!! You were so right, I love their work ~ I bet your mom thought they were wonderful too. I'm so glad that she was able to visit you while you were was so good to hear from you ~ and your little Lois is so beautiful, growing like a weed!!! xxoo, Dawn

Kate said...

You are a great story teller, I could do with you when I put my kids to bed! I loved hearing about this shop, I had not heard about it, as I live in London I am going to venture out and find it, thank you!

Anonymous said...
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