Monday, 25 May 2009

Flea Market Pick-Me-Up

We're back in San Francisco now and getting back into our usual routine. I've been a little down the last few days because I miss home and would rather be in Atlanta with my family. San Francisco is great, and we love our friends here, but home is where my mom and sister are, and I think it will always be that way for me. I'm sure I sound like a broken record. Alas, I know I say this every time we get back. I perked up a little this morning, though, when I went to the flea market. It was very chilly out and my hands and feet were close to numb when I left, but there were still plenty of vendors and great treasures to be found. Most of what I bought I plan to sell in my etsy shop, but a few things are keepers, like the flower frog and the Gulliver's Travels book above with the great ship motif on the cover. I've been on the hunt for more interesting pen holders and thought some flower frogs would be perfect.

I spied this lady portrait and thought of buying her. At $35, I thought she was a pretty good deal. I called Lisa and told her about it. She came over to peruse with me. We both decided against this lady portrait, but I did really like her. Our apartment is pretty small, and I think Andrew is surrounded by enough ladies. She'd have to be a real knockout for me to bring another gal home.

Today was an especially great book day. One vendor had tons and tons of books. Boxes and boxes of them. I could have spent all day just looking through these boxes. I had the impression that these books didn't belong to the vendor and soon found out from him that they came from a storage auction. I've heard of this lately on the news--storage units that are auctioned off after people stop paying their bill. I hesitated to buy the books. It was a really impressive, diverse collection, but I figured there was no turning back. These books would never make it back to their original owner anyway. And they did, after all, put them in storage for whatever reason. Out of sight, out of mind. Hopefully, though, they will find new owners who will love them. Here are a few of the books I bought:

Cooking On Wheels. A fun book of trailer, camping, and general on the road recipes.

Bambi. Who doesn't like a good classic?

A few Cub Scout books. I was hoping to find some more Campfire Girls books, but these are really fun too.

Nursery Rhymes and Wouldn't You Like To Run Away? are keepers for Lois. I already put one of her bookplates in the Wouldn't You Like To Run Away? book. Once, when I was in 4th grade, I got mad at my mom for some reason and packed my little hobo hankie with a few of my favorite things, tied it on a stick and "ran away" (I went in the woods for a few hours). It reminds me of when I ran away. The book cover is so cute and the story is even better. Everyone wants to run away sometimes.


Michelle said...

I would be heartbroken to lose a book collection like that, but I guess if they truly cared they'd have paid the bill...? Either way, If I lived on the West Coast I'd be at that sellers booth in a heartbeat!!! Awesome finds- what a pick-me-up!

littlebyrd said...

Yeah, I would have spent hours at the book booth too! I love what you found. I clicked the link and saw the shuttle picture and it totally works :)

caroline said...

well i'm really happy you are back. i missed ya'll!

Debby - Romancing the Bling said...

Hi Leigh!
It was good to see you Sunday at the Flea Market. Thanks for calling Lisa as she called me to go with her and I am so glad she did. I really scored! There was a man that had a box of vintage pocket watches (approx. 50 of them) and I bought them all...he was only charing $5 each for them!!!! Every time I try to bid on EBAY they get out of my price range. I am going to have a ball repurposing some of them into vintage pendants. Thanks again as I had just decided to stay home insted of going.

Kisses to sweet Lois.


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

Ohhhh, great finds. I would have been digging for hours.

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Je t'aime.