Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Meet Columbia, Our New Lady

No, you're not seeing things . . . that is a space shuttle on our wall of ladies. It looks bizarre at first, I know, but consider this an example of Mars and Venus meeting in the middle. When we were at the flea market on Sunday I could see Andrew in the distance, heading toward me, wearing a grin from ear to ear like a little 6 year old, with what looked like framed picture of a space shuttle. I thought, oh lord, please tell me that's not a picture of a space shuttle he has in tow. To my dismay (initially), it was. I tried to act happy about it because I could tell how excited he was over his $5 dollar treasure, but it was hard for me. All I could think of was, where in the world are we going to hang that?

Andrew has great, interesting taste that I genuinely like a lot, but he has a knack for especially liking things that don't go with our--uh, I mean my--stuff. I feel so bad that our place reflects hardly anything of him or his style or his interests, and I've been trying to figure out what to do about our Mars and Venus sorts of decorating dilemmas. I had the idea of making the guest bedroom his room, like a guy's den, where he could hang and display all of his eclectic things, but then I thought about how selfish and rude that was of me to even think of that as an idea. I thought about how it would make me feel if he wanted all of my stuff to go in one room because he didn't think it went well with his stuff. Gees, I'd hate that! And I probably wouldn't like the person who made me feel that way either, so I don't want to be that person.

I decided to hang Ms. Columbia along with all the other ladies, in block, old school Better Homes and Gardens fashion like you see below, and I actually like it! It's grown on me today. As Andrew says, it shows a sense of humor and makes the ladies look a little less stiff. Not only that, but Andrew said that Columbia is a woman's name, and he was right. So that's the story of our newest lady on the wall of ladies. Who knows what's next! (Update to this post . . . the wall now looks like this.)

Better homes and Gardens, 1956.


hundredsofbillions said...

Leigh, the wall looks amazing! I love the shuttle and your post about it. Compromise design with my husband is tough, but the element of surprise is worth it.

Hannah in Atlanta

Freshly Found said...

Well done on reaching a humorous solution to a decorating dilema! I do realise how much of decorating a home is a negotiated agreement between two, often different, mates!
Laku sounds great! An intriguing place to visit. I have a very soft spot for vintage books too and find them quite entertaining. I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Lots of Inspiring stuff!

Grace said...

That looks brilliant!!!! It really pops out at you (the shuttle picture) and it makes you smile....i wouldn't have thought that it would work but it does!

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

oh my goodness! i LOVE it!!! it really does work and gives me hope in merging my style with my husband's! thank you for sharing!!!