Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Camp Fire Girls

I love these books. I bought them at The Pickled Hutch. Lisa originally pointed them out to me because she knew I was making collages and thought they'd be perfect for collage type crafts. But I can't rip out the pages! I've tried, but I like the books too much to take them apart. I love the design of the covers, and the illustrations inside the books are so much fun. The interior cover of the black and red book says, "the cover of the book of the Camp Fire Girls combines the symbols for mountain and tree for work, the sun and rain for health and the heart and thought symbols for love. The whole symbolizes Wohelo, the watchword of the Camp Fire Girls." They were published in 1944 (red one) and 1946 (blue one). I think Lisa said they belonged to her mom.

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M├Ądschen Weis said...

Camp Fire girls! It's a great name and a great look!