Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Somehow, randomly blog hopping unexpectedly led me to my friend Michi (AKA Michelle). I posted a comment on her blog, not knowing it was actually a friend of mine. It was so funny when she wrote me back. It's been about a year (I think) since I talked to her, and I didn't know she had a blog, so when I read it I had no idea it was someone I knew. She wrote back and said, basically, "hey it's Michelle--you know me!" Ha ha! I love blogging. We exchanged some emails and she let me know what she's been up to. Other than getting ready to move this week from NY to Atlanta, GA, she's been a busy bee creating art and setting up her etsy shop, Michi. I love the "bunny" gouache painting, which she said was inspired by her niece who has an imaginary rabbit that she calls rabbit, who is always getting into trouble, and needs her sage advice. How cute. Looks like hide and seek. She also has some amazing geometric oil paintings that she says are part of a series of explorations of abstract landscapes based on how she imagines it would have felt to discover germs and bacteria and their microscopic environs. You never know what great things you'll find when you go blog hopping!

Images courtesy of Michi

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LauraB said...

That's so funny that you knew Michelle already. Her blog is great, and I'm happy you commented on mine so I could fine you.

I was thinking the same thing about that woman with the great flickr photos, hoping that she had a blog, but I didn't find anything. Oh well, her photos will have to be enough!