Sunday, 17 August 2008

For Baby From Connie

On Saturday I brought in the mail and set in on the table in a pile without really looking through it. Then I headed to the baby room to put some things away. While I was in there I was looking at some of my favorite cards and thought I should get some frames for a few of them for the baby room. Specifically I was looking at the Beth Mackenzie card. Then I went back to the mail and found a package from Connie mixed in the shuffle of everything. I was excited to see the package because she always sends me the most thoughtful things. In the package was this old book and another Beth Mackenzie card! Connie said she's had the book for 41 years. It will be perfect for the baby's growing collection of books and now I think I'll frame both Beth Mackenzie cards together. Thanks Connie! (Click on the picture to read the card.)

1 comment:

Sean said...

Sweet book. I like the illustrations.