Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pretty Nostalgic in SE London

Also in the current issue of Pretty Nostalgic is an article I wrote on southeast London, specifically some of my favorite places in the neighborhoods of Forest Hill and East Dulwich. I live in East Dulwich but often find myself in neighboring Forest Hill since there are so many great shops and cafes there. It was hard to fit all my top picks in one short article, and few places I wanted to add needed to be cut to stick to the word allowance, but I'm still happy with it and happy to share information on some of my favorite places. Of course these are the crafty, vintage, and cute cafe variety of places because those are the types of places I like and the once I knew would interest Pretty Nostalgic readers. You can click on the article pages and zoom in to read it. I took many photos, but of course only a handful could be included in the article, so here below I've posted a more thorough visual tour of some of the places featured in the article.

The article begins with a day out starting in Forest Hill, so that's where I'll start with the extra photos. First, St. David Coffee House. 
In the article I also mention Le Chandelier, our local market and Colour Makes People Happy, all of which I've posted about before, so you can click the links above to see photos from those places, but it never hurts to end with a bit of color, so below is a last splash from Colour Makes People Happy


claire said...

Great article and photos. I'm not too familiar with South East London as I tend to stay west for some reason - but now I have the perfect inspiration. Any other coffee haunts you recommend?
Claire xx
somewhere... beyond the sea

Leigh said...

Hi Claire,

There's a place called You Don't Bring Me Flowers in Hither Green that is wonderful. It's so cute and pretty inside:
There isn't much else over there but if you ever need to be in that area, it's a wonderful place. I also love the coffee and pastries at ToastED in my neighborhood. It's a restaurant, but a good place to go for coffee. I can't really think of any others right now but will add some if I do!

Regina Melo-Jocknevich said...

That's sound like a very nice place to be :)