Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Crafty with 91Magazine

In other related magazine news, I'm also really happy to have two pieces in the recent craft edition of 91 Magazine. Actually, one is a craft project I did, this doll who I've named Frances, and the other is a piece on our little abode which Caroline, the editor, wrote. I'm really happy with the way my dolly turned out, so I thought I'd share that first. This issue of 91 is really great! It has quite a few craft project features like how to make an origami vase and upholster a chair cushion, it includes a helpful guide to haberdasheries, and there's an informative Q&A piece on some of the makers from the London Renegade Craft fair. But back to Miss Frances for now...
I've made a few dolls before, like Miss Amelia, but this is the first one I've made from scratch. So after Caroline and I decided the project would be a doll, I started gathering ideas, mostly by looking at a few doll favorites (I have many!) and sketching ideas. After I settled on her shape, I worked on her face. The face was the hardest part. I tinkered with the idea of painting her eyes, but decided on embroidering them instead because I preferred the textural dimension. And her hair was another fun challenge. I have only used felt in the past, but I love the hair on Forgotten Stitches' dolls. I asked Rebekah, the woman who makes the dolls, if she could show me how she does their hair, and she said sure! Not all crafters are so willing to share their secrets. She is very skilled in doll hair styling and stitching, but I think I did a pretty good job on Frances. And of course she has an apron and some baking accessories. All dolls bake in my world! So if you're interested in making Frances, the instructions are here for you on page 35 in 91 Magazine!


Connie said...

She is absolutely adorable :)
Congratulations on being published!
Come over and visit and get in on my latest Give-A-Way.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

marilu said...

How amazing Leigh! Your creations are always beautiful! Well done on all the recent articles!

Unknown said...

just "found" your most wonderful site! .. delightful!!

Marbuch said...

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My email is marbuch.adama@gmail.com Please let me know. Congratulations for such wonderful work.
Regards, Mercedes

Jane said...

This doll is so sweet and gorgeous - so much detail. Don't think I could ever do this!