Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Cardboard Stampeed

One really fun thing Lois and I made a while back with a little friend of hers were some of Ann Wood's cardboard horses. In 2006 Ann Wood created a cardboard stampede of horses as a daily creative exercise. She made one a day until she reached 100 of them. She has the template and instructions here if you'd like to make them as well. Lois recently asked to make them again, and I was also reminded of them earlier this week when I saw that Ann Wood has listed a few of the original collection of 100 horses in her shop.

When we made ours, I did all the cutting since Lois is still too small to wield scissors with precision and patience. I think for the younger kids, it would probably be best to use a lighter weight cardboard, from a cereal box for example, if they are doing the cutting. But it was really fun for her to paint and decorate the horses and a good hand-eye coordination exercise to get the wire and buttons threaded to attach the legs. Ours turned out really pretty and I love the button hinged legs. Above are Ann Wood's horses, image from her blog, and below are a few photos of the ones Lois made with a friend.

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