Thursday, 30 January 2014

At Home in 91 Magazine

Also in the current craft issue of 91 Magazine is our little abode! I was really happy to have our place featured in the craft edition and happy Caroline wrote the article. I've not shared many photos around our house on my blog because I don't feel like anything is ever finished (I know I always say this), and I often hesitate to take photos thinking things look too unfinished. It seems each room is a perpetual work in progress! But I imagine that is how many people feel about their houses. We're renters so that's one thing I have to keep in mind as well. My dream of painted white floors will have to wait! Part of the fun in making a house home, whether you rent or own, is finding things at different places at different times, and I just have to remind myself of that when I look around the house a bit frustrated that it's not "done." I have the thrill of the hunt to look forward to. But things are coming together around here and everyday it feels more homey.

For this article I took the photos and most of what you see here is glimpses of rooms, areas here and there that look a bit finished (um, and tidy, which isn't always the case). I decided to post a few additional photos that weren't featured just to give you a fuller picture. Hope you enjoy the little tour and you can read the article here in 91 Magazine on page 42!
And a few additional photos... First, from the living room. 
The kitchen. 

Craft room. 
The bathroom. 
Our bedroom.
Ellie's room.
Lois's room.


mu online said...

lo antiguo nunca pasara de moda!!


Your house has no choice but to feel like a home with your special touches Leigh.
xoxo and miss you!
Lisa & Alfie

Michelle said...

Congrats! Your place is charming, how could it not be? I love it!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Your home is beautiful!!! Such a lovely keepsake for your girls to look at when they're older :)