Monday, 3 February 2014

Inspiration in Bloom

(photo above, Henri Matisse "Bouquet of Mixed Flowers" and all photos below from the Saipua blog)

Ah January and February, I love these months. Some people hate them, especially January, I think. It's a month that often begins with post Christmas blues and resolutions, many of which are just reminders of last years' resolutions not kept. I've had my share of blues in the winter months but in general I love January and February. I see these months as a good time to declutter and freshen up around the house. Clean out cabinets and closets, move pictures or furniture around, that sort of thing. The post Christmas-decoration-pack-up always helps jump start that phase for me. And lately I'm feeling especially inspired. I went out into our garden last week to check for any signs from the tulip bulbs I planted last autumn and saw peeks of green spiking up out of the ground, eep! I planted more than tulips but can't actually remember what, so I'm excited to see what comes up. I love having fresh flowers around our house. We splurge about every two weeks for flowers, but I'd really love lots of flowers and plants around the house all the time. Unfortunately I'm not too creative when it comes to flower arranging and I don't have much of a green thumb.
I think it's art to make an assortment of flowers look rustic and natural in a vase. I have daydreams of going to the Little Flower School in Brooklyn, NY and learning to arrange flowers like I see on the Saipua blog

I love to check their blog to see incredible photos of their flower arrangements. And I love the mood of their photos, often somewhat dark and contemplative. So beautiful. If you're ever wanting some floral inspiration, head over to the Saipua blog


Jen Kershner said...

I find myself loving these months too. There is less on my to do list and more time to be creative enjoy the quieter pursuits.

Unknown said...

I feel exactly the same way about winter! I love the short days and long nights, especially when I can spend them by a fire! I love having a "vacation" from the time consuming upkeep of my yard. I use that extra time to clean out and organize (and re-organize) my indoor spaces as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Michelle said...

I love winter! I look forward to it, and just relish every second of it. I feel like is a secret time to be extra productive and make plans. Plus summer in Atlanta pretty much deflates me.