Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Follow Your Heart

Although we've lived here 3.5 years, I still feel a little out of place sometimes, or rather just not quite at home. This is due to a variety of factors, I think, but when I'm not quite feeling at home, I remind myself of all the things I love about living here, and one of those many things is Jessie and Buddug's shop. I definitely feel right at home at their shop. Both Jessie and Buddug have so many new things since I last visited. And they are busily working on stocking the shop for Christmas. Last week I went to their annual tea party and had a wonderful time looking around the shop.
I'm always so inspired by their work. Here's an article on Jessie and Buddug's shop that I wrote last year if you're interested in reading more about their work and shop. I'm looking forward to going back and doing some Christmas shopping soon!


Unknown said...

Hello...Inspiring blog, love your style...I shall be following! Eco Ethel xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

What a lovely little shop, I'd feel right at home there too! :) x

Claire said...

I guess the lovely thing about living in London is that there's so much variety here, and if you look close enough there's always someone, something or some place that will take you in and make you feel at home.

I shall have to check out the shop. Lovely post :)