Friday, 6 September 2013

Inspiring Clothes for Little Ones

Lately I've had the bug to make more wee clothes now that I've finished one pretty nice dress for lil' Miss. I want to make so many things! I wish I could read French. Then I'm sure I'd buy some of these Citronille sewing patterns. Maybe I should attempt to translate a pattern. They have a few patterns in English, but it's some of their patterns that are only available in French that I especially like, like this one. So cute! And I really like so many Oliver + S patterns. I have a lot of sewing inspiration on one of my Pinterest boards. And more wee clothes inspiration on this board. I just like looking at designer wee clothes for inspiration. One line I came across on Pinterest is Pala Mino (top shown above). Adorable! I love the mix of fabrics and the vintage modern vibe that her clothes have. So cute. Now I'm going to go get lost on Pinterest for a few minutes. I have a new rule: No looking at Pinterest before bed. I get too jazzed up and then can't sleep. Inspiration overload!

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