Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Art of Simple

Quickly before heading to my Lisbon post I meant to also mention a great shop in Seaside, FL called The Art of Simple. One of our rainy day activities during our drenched beach week was to go shopping (of course!) so we left Seagrove and headed to Seaside nearby where there are a handful of great shops (and some pretty great food trucks as well, BBQ and shaved ice to name a few). The Art of Simple is a gift shop, filled with plenty of nice soaps, candles, and various "gift shop" items, but what I really loved about the shop is they also sell some great vintage items as well.
I often come across shops that have vintage items in their styling and sometimes they sell the items, but this shop had about equal parts new gift items and great vintage things for sale, like cool fans and pulleys, cake tins, flashlights, and a really beautiful ceramic ivory and blue jug and glasses. Would have liked to scoop that one up! We thought about it but decided to pass on it. Got your shopping fix? Ok, I'll take you to Lisbon later this week.

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