Friday, 26 July 2013

Portugal in View

Oh my goodness, a few of the keys on my keyboard are really messed up, and I have to smash down on them about 30 times to get them to work! Time for a trip to the Genius Bar. So, needless to say, it takes me a while to write just a few sentences. So here's a brief summary of our Portugal week. Andrew needed to go for work so we tagged along and added a few days to the trip to make a holiday. Andrew went to Sesimbra (photo above) with co-workers and took that photo. I would have liked to go there too! Most of our days were spent in Lisbon though (photos below), and some time out and about just beyond Lisbon in places like Balem, Cascias, and Sintra (where the moorish castle is in the photo). It was a very nice, hilly city with friendly people, great food, and beautiful scenery. I loved the tile buildings. So many beautiful patterns and colors!
And I loved the sidewalks (ladies, leave your heels at home!). And we had the best gelato we've ever had at Santini's. I had pistachio and cherry and both were amazing. I'd like to go back to Portugal but would like to be able to drive so we can get out and see more areas farther beyond Lisbon. We also came across this adorable crafty shop. It was closed when we walked by in the evening, but if you like fabric and crafts and are in Lisbon, put it on your list. 


Kim said...

I always enjoy your blog and photos so much. You are creating such a rich cultural heritage for your girls. They are soo lucky!

Tiffani said...