Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Notes from the Craft Room

Ah, getting back to crafting has been nice! Last week I made a little clutch-pouch type purse for a friend for her birthday. There are some cute envelope pouch type purses in The Art of Handmade Living that I've been wanting to make and thought my friend would like one. I had some vintage fabrics I thought would work well with the style and used a button and ribbon a that another friend recently gave me for my birthday (so hard to part with those gems sometimes but also great to use them and pass them along). Here are some photos of it.

And I also made a black apple doll for her daughter. I still love the black apple dolls! More here on that, if you want to make one
For this one I used some vintage fabric curtains I bought on etsy a few years ago. It's so cute. 
And then a bit before we left for our summer vacation I made a few things that I haven't posted yet. Like this shirt dress for Lois. I used one of Andrew's old shirts, an old favorite that he doesn't wear anymore. (Please excuse all the messy stuff in the bathroom!) I have quite a few reconstructed shirt dresses in my Pinterest, but I was going for the look of this dress, which I don't think is a reconstructed shirt dress but looks like one. Andrew is wearing the shirt in this old blog post! I had so much fun making the shirt dress (especially the pockets) that I want to raid his closet for more shirts!
And then I also made some little drawing pad and crayon booklets. This first one is made with fabric that Lois drew on with fabric markers and fabric paints. So cute! I love that smiley face. 
And this one is about the same but made with cute French fabric I bought at the knitting and stitching show. A mother and daughter hand draw the designs (sorry I don't know the company name right now).
And I made two more tote bags, using Alicia Paulson's pattern I used for the boat tote. One was for my sister and one for my mom. I didn't get a good photo of my mom's before giving it to her, just a quick shot while I was making it. But it's a scamp tote! She loved it! I have a lot of glamper inspiration in my pinterest!
And then for my sister's I made it with canvas, ticking, and Liberty fabric. 
I think I've caught up now on posting things I've made recently, or sort of recently. Now I'm filled with ideas for Christmas decorations and gifts. I know, so early, right? Well, it always sneaks up on me so I want to be prepared this year!

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marilu said...

beautiful things as always Leigh! how do you manage with a young baby??? x