Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Last week I went to the big flea, well, one of the bigger flea markets in London, the Kempton Park market. This time I rented a man and van. I usually get what I think of as "sold envy" when I'm at markets here: I watch people haul away loads of good junk! Since we don't have a car, and I can't really carry anything too large on the train, I thought I'd hire someone who could haul my junk home. I've been needing a bedside table and a small bookshelf for a while now, and I've wanted some small furniture for our little patio. So I made a list and actually found a lot of what was on it. Here's a bit of what I brought home. 
Paintings weren't on my list but I couldn't resist these two bargains.
My bedside table before...
And after! I didn't do anything to it really, as you can probably tell, but I like it that way, all chippy. I bought a handful of other things like a bookshelf, a bench, and some patio furniture. But I didn't take pictures of those yet. But I'll post some pictures of the patio soon. 
Our little patio has looked quite sad for months now until I found this pile of pots! I wanted to make our patio look better and finding these pots was just the motivation I needed. A guy down the street was tossing them. There were more than what's shown here, and most of them were big terra-cotta pots, so I made a few trips and got them home. Below is the patio in its before state, but after I brought some of the pots home.
And here's a peek of the after through our living room. More pictures of it coming soon.


Timmy said...

Nice thing you did, considering you don't have a car. The results are interesting.

man with van London

Office Cleaning London said...

Pretty nice creations there. Great results

leonie wise said...

that side table was a sweet find!

i've had my eye on that market for a while now, but never made it out there. must make a concerted effort!

Lobster and swan said...

great finds and they fit in to your home as if you always had them x

man with van London said...
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