Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The BIG Flea

Today I went to the Kempton Park Antique Market (Sunbury Antique Market, according to the web site, but I've only heard people refer to it as the Kempton Park Market, so that's what I'll call it). If only I had a truck, a ton of money, and a much, much bigger place! I love this flea market! It's the best I've ever been to. Well, this one and the Vanves Flea Market in Paris--those two are the best I've been to. What really makes this market so great to me is the variety and the quality of merchandise. You really don't even have to dig to find any treasures. And people are soooo nice at this market. Nobody had a problem with me taking a picture; in fact, most people were just flattered that I asked. I can't wait to go back next month. I might try to talk Andrew into renting a car. These are just a few pictures, but you can see more from the market from my last visit if you click here.
I love seashell boxes, and this dealer had all kinds. 
I would have loved to take home this sign. It was sooooo freaking heavy. It must have been cast in concrete or some such matter because holy smokes it was heavy. But I thought it would look great over my mantel headboard (yes! I finally have a mantel headboard, which I'll show you once I have the room more together). 
I'm often drawn to industrial fixtures and whatnot, and I loved this textile rack. I thought it would be cool  in a bathroom with towels and magazines on it, or good for fabric piles in a craft room. This is from Paul and Lucy's Vintage Industrial Furnishings. They have great stuff!
They also had a number of these fun spools, which can serve lots of functions. I have some that I use as candle holders, and they said someone bought a few large ones and planned to use them as towel racks. Neat! 
More cool spools. These were smaller but still really fun (good for sewing trims, etc).
Fabric! So much beautiful fabric at this market. These are piles of various prints, but a number of dealers had piles of linen fabric and white cotton linens, most of which seemed to be from France. 
Always room for more buttons!
This dealer had lots of maps and educational charts and graphs.
Never a shortage of doll heads at a good flea market. They're the universal symbol of "flea market" to me. Oooh, I had so much fun! Just wish I took more pictures!! I was too busy looking around again to focus on pictures. I'll try for more next time. I can't wait to go back, and here's the link again to see pics from my last visit


Erin said...

I'm drooling!! Seriously! That industrial rack in the bathroom, yes! The spools remind me of play time at my great grandmother's house when I was a child. The maps for my husband. Everything's so full of the colors and textures I'm obsessed with! Thanks for these pics! Someday I'll get there!

Awais said...

Oh my!!! Old Is Gold

nath said...

oooh, yeah. that looks like fun, fun, fun. i love your posts from flea markets.


Mantel headboard??? Does that mean what I think it means? And i will take all those shell items please!
Lisa & Alfie

littlebyrd said...

It's almost a physical pain I feel not being able to to this market. Lucky you!

Kim said...

ooooh, love all the flea market stuff..littlebyrd said it right...almost physical pain! I want to be there!


That is it!! I am going to this flea market next month!! no more waiting, so much great stuff, I will rent a car too!!

Jennifer said...

oh, you lucky thing. I never thought to go to flea markets when I was overseas, but then I always was there when it was too cold. I would imagine the pickings are much more interesting.

Heidi said...

Hi, I'm new to your site. I've never heard of this market before, I feel so out of touch as it looks great. Thanks for the tip.

Aron said...

Totally agree about the doll heads. They're so disturbing though! :)
Your place looks like its coming along great!

Lilykins said...

Hey Leigh
Absolutely love your blog and your fabulous style. Very inspiring have been following for about a year now one of my favorite past times perusing your craft projects and beautiful photos. Have noticed that a fellow blogger posts comments on your blog namely 'littlebrydvintage' I discovered her amazing blog the same time as yours unfortunately you now need to be invited to look at her blog I would like to email her to see if I could be invited to see her blog really miss it!!! Thank you look forward to all your beautiful future posts Take care Theresa