Sunday, 25 April 2010

Inspiration Notebook

I love our new little place, but I can't seem to get things right when it comes to arranging and decorating it. That's in part because most of what we have just won't work in the space and in part because I'm just tired of the same old stuff, blah. Some of our furniture is too large, and some pictures too small or just not right for certain walls. It's been a little frustrating for me because I can usually figure out what to do with what I have pretty quickly. But this time a lot of what I have just doesn't work. So I've been looking for inspiration in my favorite magazines (and asking people like Lisa for advice, which has been really helpful). Before we moved I thinned out my magazine collection significantly and tore favorite pages out. Last week I finally made notebooks of those pages. I have notebooks for interior spaces, garden and outdoor spaces, crafts, and table settings and cooking. I'm so happy I finally did this, and now that I have the books started it will be easy to keep it up. Here are a few pages of inspiration, some clean and fairly neutral, some rustic and colorful. I wish I could get our place to look like any of these!! Unfortunately I don't know all the sources for sure, but most of these are from Country Living, except for the one with the more polished living area with the black and white chairs--that one is from Domino. 


KarenSue said...

Be still my heart. All these pages are so wonderful. When I see rooms like these I know it's ok to buy what you love and it will work because these do.
I don't ever want my home to be finished. Then what would I do?

Brooke said...

Holy smokes ~ I love the table with the mismatched chairs. and the one after that with the metal bedframe. and then that next room with the turquoise and yellow...and the next with the orange-striped cushion. Drool. Major Drool. And I'm going to get ahold of my mom's Country Livings.

I'm smiling right now and so glad you posted this. I too keep a book of amazing wonderful rooms I wish I had but I haven't added to it in a while. I'm going to go pull it out once more. :)

Kim said...

Somehow I missed these wonderful room pics! I love the decorating which doesn't look like decorating at all..but living! Are these from local magazines. We don't seem to have great pics like these in our American mags.