Tuesday, 12 April 2011

True Blue

I have it bad. I have it bad for a bike. The blue Pashley Poppy bike. I'm obsessed this week. You may remember I wanted that bike last spring? (I can't find the post from last year, but I think I did post about it.) Well, I told myself if I didn't find it used, I'd buy it new this spring. So I about jumped when I finally saw it for sale online used. The seller said we could meet on Sunday, last Sunday, and sounded very reliable, but then he didn't return my call or email after I wrote regarding a time and meeting place. I've been checking my phone and email obsessively since. Drat! I think the size was a little big anyway. Now I'm eyeing it new again. I just love it! And I figure if you're going to invest in something like a bike, you should really love it. We shall see! Here she is below (picture it with a wicker basket on the front). And here's a cute video of it. What a beauty! These other images were found on Pinterest--see my bike board for sources. Update! I got the bike!!! Weeee. Just like this one below, but with a basket for the handlebars as well. 


Carys said...

Wow, that bike is gorgeous!! Shame the person didn't get back to you :(
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Pamela said...

The last image is my dream bike!!
Love your blog!
Pamela :)

alex t said...

Oh, oh, oh. Love every single one.

I got a new dreamy bike a few weeks ago and can't wait for some sunshine.

Kim said...

That's exactly the bike I want! Maybe someone will get me one for my birthday! Among other things I want!

vmichelle said...

These kinds of posts make me want a bike... but I live in a very very hot climate and I know I wouldn't ride it much. Maybe I should just park it in my living room and have it look pretty?