Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Meet me in the Blue Tent

I don't often buy magazines off the news stands because they're so expensive and I'm pretty cheap. I used to subscribe to a few, but these days I usually go for the free online eye candy since there's just so much of it, but when I saw the cover of the recent issue of the British version of Country Living, I busted open my wallet without hesitation. A cute table in the woods, bistro chairs, cosy pillows and blankets, books, yarn, a radio, sandwich and juice. Um, yes, please! Then when I peeked inside, I almost fell in--wished I could have anyway. I didn't post all the pictures from the spread and the images in the magazine are much better, so get it if you really like the look of this feature. Country Living, April 2011. 

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Grace and Judy said...

We loved that feature as well....we are going into the woods when the bluebells come out to have a picnic in the same style! That is the plan anyway!