Monday, 11 October 2010

Yurt Birthday

This past weekend we went to the Isle of Wight to celebrate Lois's 2nd birthday. We stayed in a yurt in an apple orchard. I thought, hmm, fancy camping, an apple orchard--that sounds like a fun birthday weekend! The Really Green Holiday Company owns and maintains the yurts on the Afton Park orchard, and they did a great job making us feel at home. I had never stayed in a yurt before, but it was great--ideal for someone who likes the idea of camping, but prefers the comforts of home (like me). The yurt was really large, with a big bed, a little kitchen nook, a stove that kept the yurt nice and toasty, and a futon for lounging. There was also an outdoor bathroom. (See, fancy camping!) When we weren't relaxing in the yurt we were exploring the island. We rented bikes on Saturday and Sunday and also hiked a bit of the coastal path. Here's a peek at our yurt-birthday weekend. 
Our comfortable yurt!
Breakfast and dinner, yum. They provided breakfast and Andrew cooked delicious dinner for us on the BBQ.
I wish I could say we slept in, but Lois wakes up very early. We slept comfortably though. 
It was neat just to lie back and look at the yurt. It looks really cool when you look up. 
We left the orchard and went out on a bike ride. 
We passed quite a few thatched roof houses. 
Then Saturday afternoon we celebrated a birthday. 
The birthday girl! I made her hat and top from some vintage carnival print curtains that bought on etsy a while back. I made these a while back, but I thought the theme was cute with the yurts because there are a few carnival tents in the print. 
I think she liked her little orchard party. 
On Sunday we walked along the coastal path. We made our way to the path through a pasture. Lois said "moo" a lot on the way. 
The coast!
The ocean. 
Then it was time to head back to the orchard and pack up. 


Kim said...

OH, my what a wonderful birthday. You always have the most interesting novel ideas for everyday living and special occasions. Lois is so cute and so lucky to have you as her mommy. It appears that you are enjoying everything that England has to offer. Wonderful post. I always look forward to them.

Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time. The yurt looks awesome and I especially love the birthday hat!

Brooke said...

awesome yurt photos!!!!

such a fabulous post. :)

sunday collector said...

What a gorgeous story/post! I visited the Isle of Wight back in 1998 - I just remember driving under all the stunning trees and greenery.

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

What an amazing idea for a birthday weekend. and i love love love the yurt - it looks incredible. such stunning photos, such a stunning blog. super cool for your little girl to have these to look at later. i love it.

Amy said...

Excuse me, but could your kid get any cuter?!?! She is just so adorable and you are an amazing photographer! Glad you had such a wonderful celebration.

mn said...

Wow, Leigh that looks so cool! What a great idea- the yurt holiday. And happy Late Birthday to Lois! Love your dreamy photos.