Tuesday, 19 October 2010

iPhone Favorites

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love iPhone photos. This week I've been working on sorting some of my photos, and what a mess! I have lots in iPhoto, others in Lightroom2, Flickr, Picassa. A mess. I don't know how people keep their pictures organized these days with all the different options. It's really hard to keep everything organized, but in general I try to keep one folder of just iPhone photos. Every time I look at them I'm wow'd by that little piece of technology. I think part of my brain can't catch up to the fact that these days it's no big deal to have 2 really neat kinds of technology in one, both doing what they do well (sometimes the camera part is even better than the phone part). My brain is usually like, whoa, a phone took that picture! My brain must be trapped in about 2003. After looking through the iPhone pictures folder, I thought I'd share a few favorites (though I'm sure you've already seen a lot of these). These are all with different apps. Some of the ones I have and use most are CameraBag, PictureShow, TiltShift, and ShakeIt.


samantha. said...

these pictures are absolutely beautiful! i cannot believe they came from an iphone! doesn't iphone lack a zoom?


Lauren said...

You're such a great photographer Leigh!! I love these.

Emily said...

Who needs a camera anymore? Happy 7th anniversary to you and Andrew!

Can't wait until Thanksgiving!!

Love and miss you..mom..xxxoooxxx

Leigh said...

Hi Sami,

No zoom capability in any of the apps I use. Some of these I was just really close to the subject.

caroline said...

those are all pretty stunning!

sam cooks larder said...

Such a great collection of images... I too am equally wow'd and wooed by the Iphone camera