Thursday, 7 October 2010

A few Trinkets

Today I went to the Spitalfields market to see if I could find a few fun vessels to hold some of my sewing supplies. I'd really like something narrow and tall with lots of cubbies, like a letterpress box (like this one) to hold bobbins and whatnot. I didn't see one today, but I found a few really pretty tin boxes and an old muffin tin. The market today was so great (well, to me anyway), but I only had about 30 minutes there because it took soooo freaking long to get there in double decker bus traffic. Next week I'll try to take some pictures at the market. Today I just whizzed in and out. But I love the little things I came home with. Oh, and you might notice I'm doing a little blog make-over. Please don't mind the off-center header, which I haven't been able to fix yet. And some fonts, gotta change a few of those too. But I'm out of my blog funk, so you can expect more regular posts like the old days.


Kim said...

Glad you're gettin' back in the groove again. Now I've got to get groovin'!

Lea simply said...

I like this blog!
I love design and art.