Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Incredible Edible (Royal) Egg

Woah, aren't those purdy eggs?!!  I thought so.  Royal eggs!  Pale tiffany blue with tiny little aqua CROWNS on them.  Cotswold Legbar eggs.  Very good eggs.  Yesterday Andrew made baked eggs with cream and butter, and let me tell you, they were the best eggs I've ever had! We didn't end up using the "royal eggs" because we gobbled those up before we got around to making the baked eggs, but the grocery store eggs were great too.  I like eggs scrambled, fried, poached . . . just about any way (except I'm not a runny yolk gal), but baked is now tops to me--with cream and butter, of course.  
So here's how Andrew made them.  First he put a dollop of butter and about 2 tablespoons of cream in some mugs, along with salt and pepper. (Obviously this is not a diet dish.  We don't really do anything "diet" in our house.)
Warm the butter and cream in the oven a bit, just till the butter is melted.  Swirl the cream and butter. While the butter and cream are warming, have the eggs resting in some warm water.
Once the cream and butter are melty, drop 2 eggs into each mug.  Put the mugs into a baking dish, then fill the baking dish with a few inches of boiling water, so they bake in a water bath, which will keep the oven moist and keep the eggs from over cooking and getting hard too quickly. 
Broil them on low for about 10 minutes or until they start to get brown on top.  
Creamy, custardy, buttery. OMG, so good!


Andrew said...

I very respectively disagree this is not a diet dish. It is low in raw carbohydrates and sugar; it is high in nutrients and energy dense. The link between fat and weight gain/cholesterol appears to be not nearly as strong as we have thought for the last 30 years.

Just sayin! This is a really fun post!

caroline said...

i am totally doing this tomorrow. thanks for the detailed instructions~ xo

noaarts said...

I will tell Mark about this. This week he made creme brulee. I bought him a culinary torch for V-day. Yum