Sunday, 7 February 2010

Battersea Park

Today we went to Battersea.  Battersea is south of the river, and one area we're thinking of living, so we thought we'd check it out.  I'd really like to live near a nice park so we've been scoping out various parks. London has no shortage of great parks--Regent's Park and Greenwich Park were both amazing during our last visit, and Battersea looked like a great one too, so we went there today to check it out. Even in the dead of winter it was a beautiful park.  I can only imagine how great it would be in spring and summer.  Here are a few pictures from our stroll in the park courtesy of the iPhone via Shake It.
Battersea Power Station.  I was hoping it would look as spectacular as this, but this evening it looked simply gloomy and barren but still somehow captivating and interesting. 


littlebyrd said...

Beautiful!!! I hope you find a place to settle soon :)

オテモヤン said...
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mn said...

Battersea Park is so beautiful! And there's no shortage of things for kids there too. I think Holland Park (though N. of the river) is London's best-kept secret. There are two wonderful playgrounds, winding trails and the Kyoto Garden. Check it out someday if you have time.
You're right that London has some fabulous parks. To me it's one of the best things about this city.

The Little Things said...

Thank you for the Shake It tip off - lovely blog!