Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lambs Conduit Street and The British Museum

I've been having iPhone withdrawals since I can't use data here. The roaming charges are too expensive, even with an international plan, and my phone is locked so I can't just pop a SIM into it. So I have no access to internet or email. Poop. But today I made up for missing my on-the-go connection to the world with new iPhone photo apps. I bought color splash and vintage black and white. Color splash lets you isolate colors to highlight them, like the phone booth above, and the Underground sign below. Pretty fun, huh?
Yesterday I had a great time walking around our neighborhood with Lois and going to the British Museum while snapping pictures with the iPhone. We're staying in the same place as our last visit, a corporate apartment (until we find our own place) on a hidden gem of a street, Lambs Conduit Street.  It's lined with great restaurants and shops, tucked away in Bloomsbury. For SF folks, it reminds me of a bit of Hayes Valley and for Atlanta folks, it's sort of like one block of Virginia Highlands. Here's a peek into the neighborhood and our short museum visit.
Persephone Books.  Do you remember it from our last visit?  Lots more pics and info here
Oliver Spencer, a very nice shop for men (some women's clothing too, but mostly men's). 
Pokit, men's and women's clothing and really cool bags. 
Vats Wine Bar.  We haven't been here yet, but it's usually always busy. 
Kennards. A nice little market. Fruit, bread, cheese, wine?  Yes, please! 
Cigala. A nice tapas restaurant. We've been here twice (both times during our last visit). Our first experience was okay, the second was great. We'd definitely go again. There are a whole lot more shops and restaurants, but you get idea--Lambs Conduit is quite a nice street. You can see more from Google street view here. After strolling down our street, I strolled Lois to the British Museum.  We've been a few times before, but it's so close to our apartment, free, and just a great museum so we went again.
You can take pictures throughout the museum, but I'm always drawn to the Great Court itself and that amazing ceiling.  
Me with flat rain hair! And one random curl? (Where did that come from?, the rain brought it I guess.)
I've never been to the museum when the sky is blue and the sun is shining so I'll have to go back on a sunny day just to see the blue sky through the ceiling (that grey you see is the sky).
Lois enjoyed seeing the Rosetta Stone again, though she looks a little freaked out here.  Maybe it was all those ancient, naked sculptures.  
What's next?  Where should we go?  What should we do?!! 


Temps perdu said...

Oh I love the contrast!
Beautiful pictures!
There´s plenty of places you can and ought to visit.
For some reason, the first one that comes to mind is a shop!
Emily Chalmers shop Caravan on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E2.

I always visit the Tate modern, there´s also a lovely restaurant with a view.

If you are a friend of Indian vegetarian dishes, then try out the Sagar restaurants. Apparently they have now have four branches in London. I´ve only dined in the Hammersmith restaurant. But I was very pleased to have such a wide menu to choose from (I´m a vegetarian) and the food was delicious. I recommend.
Here´s their link:

Take care!
Love, Nina

Temps perdu said...

Silly me, I see you have already found Caravan!!!!

Gant Coat said...

We are always well wrapped up in stylish coats in London, I feel quite hoomesick!

littlebyrd said...

I like your rain hair with the curl!!! It looks so cute! These pictures were pure eye candy for my english loving soul :)

caroline said...

lois looks like she's holding in a huge laugh!

Emily said...

Love the museum....sent your mail today, no magazines and miss you, mom xxxxooooxxx

Alex said...

While you're on Lambs Conduit Street you must visit Ciao Bella - an old-fashioned kitsch, little Italian at the top end (away from Theobalds Rd).

Blade Rubbers is my fave shop at the moment - full of rubber stamps, great for personalising letters and papers. It's also in Bloomsbury, on Bury Place.

And, have you been to Camden Passage in Islington? It's in my manor and a total must do! Stop off for breakfast or coffee at The Breakfast Club (weekdays only - the Sat and Sun queues are hardcore).

Hope that helps?

Leigh said...

Hi Alex, thanks! We've been to Ciao Bella a number of times and like it a lot. It's conveniently practically under us (just next door), and they have high chairs too (whew). I've also been to Camden Passage, which I loved. We're looking for an apartment in that area. And we've eaten at the Breakfast Club too! Also, I will check out Blade Rubbers :)

And Nina, I will go to Sagar. I love Indian food. And yes, Caravan is a favorite shop of mine!