Tuesday, 24 November 2009

We Made It

We're here in Atlanta now!  Yay!  The plane ride was pretty uneventful except for when I updated my facebook page with the picture above and a picture of a sleeping Lois using the free Wi-Fi on my phone.  Isn't technology so cool?  These are two more pictures from Shake It on the iPhone.  We recently got at new fancy pants camera, a Canon 7D, and a great lens to go with it.  But I've been liking the iPhone pictures so much that I just realized today that I haven't posted one picture from the 7D.  I'll do that this week.  I'm so happy to be here!  Can you tell from the picture below--me and my sister with her littlest one, baby Knox (I'm the one in red). More from our Atlanta Thanksgiving week coming soon.


Courtney said...

Have an amazing holiday with your family!

Dawn M said...

Happy Holidays! Enjoy the canon and you may have me hooked on iphone pictures!

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

i just love your awesome iphone pics....i think i need an iphone for myself! you and your sister and the little one are gorgeous! hope you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels home!