Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Me in the Morning (Trapped in a House)

Last night I was trying to find a new profile picture for my Facebook page.  I was scrolling through my pictures, showing a few to Andrew to see if he'd help me pick one, and he said, "you're always soooo smiley in pictures--it's your biggest fault!"  Ha ha.  He really just meant that I often look like The Joker in pictures even though he does love my smile.  Believe me, I have lots of other faults--he could tell you.  So I took this picture this morning, pre-shower.  I showed it to him and he said "you look like you're trapped in a house."  I laughed again!  I guess it's my dark, arty, stoic, trapped in a house look.  And again it's a picture from Shake It on my iPhone.  And, yes, if you don't have one, get an iPhone--you will LOVE it.  Ask Santa for one if you have to.  Initially I told Andrew I really didn't need or want one and thought it was way too expensive for a phone, but he really wanted me to have one. (See, he is very sweet despite pointing out my biggest fault :D.)  It's totally worth the splurge.  It's my favorite toy.


alex t said...

i love this photo. it's perfect.

and you sound like me...don't need the iphone, really. but maybe i do. you make a great argument :)

happy thanksgiving!

littlebyrd said...

Love the photo! Happy Thanksgiving :) (And every time you post about the phone it pushed me a little closer to getting one)

Brian said...

I have had my i-Phone for about two months and I also LOVE it. I'm an artist and enjoy using some of the painting apps. Just think, to be able to carry around in your pocket ALL of your music, your metronome, your sketchbook, paints, pen, pencil, paper, weather report, maps, camera, video, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, filing system, photo album, address book, unabridged dictionary and on and on and on. IT'S AMAZING. Everyone should have one!