Sunday, 22 November 2009

All Shook Up

Woah, I'm pooped.  Tomorrow we leave for Atlanta for Thanksgiving, so today's been filled with all those pre-trip errands and to-dos.  We're all packed up and ready to head south (can't wait!), but in the meantime I wanted to tell you about my fun Friday with Shake ItShake It is another cool Polaroid iPhone app.  The images to me are a lot like the lolo setting in Camera Bag, but Shake It is a little more fun because the image "develops" like a Polaroid and you can even shake it to help it along.  Of course shaking the phone while the image develops doesn't actually do anything--it's just fun to watch it wiggle.  You can see what I mean here.  If you have an iPhone, for just .99 cents, I think it's worth the fun.  Here are some pictures with Shake It of a few things I saw on Friday in our neighborhood and in the colorful neighborhood next door, the Mission, and one downtown. I got yummy Dynamo donuts and an equally yummy burrito in the Mission at La Palma. I couldn't decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch, so I got both!  I also saw an old cable car and some very pretty fall leaves.  And then last night, I went downtown to buy a few things for me and Lois. It was great to go downtown at night.  All the snazzy people, cabs whizzing by, the lights, the tall buildings. . .  I forget sometimes that people are actually out after dark.  It was a great day. 


littlebyrd said...

I want an iphone. I had to laugh about what you said about forgetting people go out after dark! I've thought the same thing!

Dawn M said...

Firstly enjoy the break from your neighbours! Yes there is something to be said about going out at night...a rare thing, because of our girls, but when we manage it, we relish how grown up it feels!!

Shelley said...

say hello to my atlanta for me! have a wonderful thanksgiving :)