Thursday, 29 October 2009

Headboard Thoughts

I've never been crazy about our bedroom, or our apartment in general. It's a very simple, boxy apartment with few windows and no character. I've had visions of what I wanted for our bedroom in the past, but I never really liked where it was going, so I would just stop. And then when I would stop, it made me not want to be in there. It always seemed directionless and unfinished. I also still have the challenge of mixing my things with Andrew's. I hate the feeling of not wanting to be in my own bedroom. But right now I'm liking our bedroom more than any other time in the 3+ years we've lived here. I think it has something to do with a plaid wool blanket I bought that seems to pull things together in there. Isn't it great when you find just the right thing that pulls everything together? Oh, and then there's a certain, somewhat unusual piece of art I got at the flea market that ties in nicely too. I should show you a peek into our room. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

As much as I'm liking our bedroom right now, I still want a new bed frame or headboard. We have some wood shutters for a headboard, which I'm not crazy about. I like the idea of shutters for a headboard, but I'm not crazy about our particular shutters. I'd really like something older and chippy. Ideally I want a mantle like my mom's, or old black shutters, or an iron bed frame (like the one at the top of this post, found here), or something wood and painted like this headboard that I loved at the Kennedy School Hotel. But I've also been thinking of a trompe l'oeil headboard. I love this embroidered one that I saw on Design Sponge. Pretty cute, don't you think?

There are so many great headboard ideas out there. For a headboard I think I'm usually most interested in things that aren't headboards at all--shutters, doors, mantles, etc.--they're just more interesting to me. I like this chalkboard idea, but I'm afraid I'd be inclined to leave honey-do lists there, and, well, that's not very romantic! Maybe for a kid's room it would be perfect, though. (I think I saw the chalkboard picture on SFgirlbybay, but now I can't find the link.)

I love this door headboard. I saw something similar to this in Country Living recently and really liked it.

And wallpaper or paint. One of the easiest solutions. From Flickr someplace (not good a keeping track of links today, but it says Martha Stewart there in the corner, so it must originally be from there).

And a mantle, this one from SFgirlbybay. It doesn't necessarily even matter if it's the right size.

So many great ideas to consider . . . .


sweetwilliam said...

I was fortunate to have my lovely hubby, Jem, make me a wrought iron bed with headboard!

Michelle said...

I'm actually at the same point in our room (well, what will be our room when we move in November!)

We had art deco furniture in our apartment, but sold it before the move. Now we don't even have a bed frame! So I've been thinking a lot about the same things... (see here)

The third photo down reminds me a bit of your mum's style.

Good luck! Can't wait to see your new room!

susan said so said...

When I saw the embroidered headboard I initially thought it was painted on the wall, and thought, OH, I could do that! So simple and sweet.

My favorite, though, is the door. Your shutters are great, but I like to switch things up fairly often, too, so I totally understand being bored with it.

Enjoy the process!


Lynne said...

I love the doors and shutters. I've never been crazy about fabric headboards, I think they are a bit unhygienic - but that's just me!