Friday, 30 October 2009

Come On In

Welcome to our little bedroom. Warm colors; late afternoon light. It's cozy in here. Right now it is anyway, thanks in large part to this wool blanket I bought recently at a local antique shop. I love the colors--yellow, orange, red, dark green, and navy blue. It warms our room right up and looks perfect for fall.

And this is a bedspread I've had for years that also looks nice and fall-ish. I use it all year, but it looks especially fitting now. I think my mom gave it to me.

There's Mr. Hoots peeking up from the bed (another great repurposed sweater treasure from Lorigami). And here's the shutter headboard that I'm, well, bored with. But it actually looks good with the other things in our room right now. And hanging on the shutters is this very interesting, worn out, folk art kitty. I found it at the flea market the weekend before last and loved it. When I saw the heart in its chest and the fish in its belly, I laughed and thought it was so cute. There's also a bird on its back. It was $8. At first I sort of thought I was crazy for buying it. It doesn't have the same look or feel that I'm normally drawn to, but I love it. I asked myself if John Derian would buy it. I love his flea market style. I thought maybe he would like it. Oh, yes, and Andrew likes it too. $8 well spent. Maybe. Mr. Kitty is quite worn out.

I love the embroidered pillowcases on our bed. Lisa gave them to me when she found out I was preggers. They have three little lambs jumping over a fence. Momma, daddy, and baby.

And this is the little corner of our room that I see from the bed. A few of my favorite things: a very sweet framed note, an "L" that Lauren gave me, a silhouette of a little girl that I bought in a thrift store in Zurich, a very small family photo, and a black and white photo that I've always liked.

Our lady head vase holding my wedding bouquet, which is quite dry and crisp after 6 years.

My favorite plant stand. I had to avoid the top or else you would have seen the saddest half-dead plant ever. I keep trying to revive it, but I think it's just time for a new plant. Looks like that glass could use some windex!

One of my favorite pictures of Lois, her 3 month birthday picture, beside the bed.

More family pictures. That's my mom there in the little picture (a very old picture, one that she thinks is silly that I have framed), and a picture of my nephew, Cash. Andrew's side of the bed still looks a little bit like this (except now he has a collection of glass telephone insulators along with his other things).

An old box for holding jewelry.

Mr. Hoots on the orange velvet chair. I wanted to have this chair reupholstered, and still do, but right now, it looks good in its burnt orange glow.

This wire card display is next to my bed. I keep all of my cards and like to read them every now and then.

This soldier stands guard and protects me while I sleep. I had to take his sword away though because it was dangerous. (Really, though, it just fell out and I was afraid Lois will get a hold of it, so I put it away.) I love this lamp. I've had it for a long time, at least 10 years or so, and it's always been in my room. I don't remember buying it, so that likely means my mom gave it to me. The lampshade is painted black, which is why it looks streaked.

A pedestal bowl of seashells under the window. I should probably switch them out for something more fall-ish, but they still look pretty.

And one of my recent little pillows. This one I'm keeping. I think I'll add a door and some smoke (buttons) to the chimney like I did with the other one. Home sweet home.

Hope you enjoyed the tiny tour. Our room looks better to me in pieces than it does as a whole, so it's still not quite where I want it to be, but at least I like being in there right now. Maybe one day it will feel just right.


Grace said...

This is lovely. You have inspired me to do a tour of my room as well. I have the same feeling as you, that I like all the bits and pieces but together, the room isn't quite right.

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

what a cozy room! i love all the pillows and that awesome lamp! thanks for the tour!

littlebyrd said...

It is wonderful. I love every little detail. I don't think you are crazy for getting that cat! I think it is so wonderful!!

Helen said...

Only $8 for that awesome cat?! I think it's brilliant, and would've snapped it up myself.

Courtney said...

You have such a beautiful and cozy room! That cat is wonderful, as are all of your pillows.

Mindy said...

I love the room! What fun things. I feel the same way--there are pieces of our house that I love, but as a whole, it has a long way to go. I feel like I can put things together as vignettes, but have trouble seeing the whole picture! Ah well!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jessica said...

So many lovely features. I think I love the cards all together the most. I never know what to do with all the lovely cards I save. This is a great idea!