Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ava's Tea Party

Meet Ivy. Isn't she the cutest? Earlier this week she celebrated what would have been her sister Ava's 6th birthday in pink tea party fashion. Ava flew to heaven before she had her first tea party, so her incredibly talented photographer mom, Sheye, threw a tea party birthday for her. Do you recognize the party hat and dress? I was so happy to have made a party hat and dress for Ivy in honor of Ava. Sheye and her family intended to have a small tea party at their house with close family and friends and make Ava's Tea Party a bigger event in the future, but after Sheye mentioned Ava's upcoming birthday on her blog, people all over the world celebrated with their own tea parties and wrote letters and sent pictures of their wee tea gatherings. When I get home I plan to make more vintage tablecloth dress and party hat sets and call them Ava's Tea Party sets and donate a percentage of the profits to Paradise Kids, the organization that helped their family during an extremely difficult time. Maybe that red balloon I saw last night in the pink sky was on its way to Ava.

Photos by Sheye.


Sammy Girl said...

Hello, Leigh!
What a magical moment with the red balloon. Thank you so much for sharing it and Ava's birthday with us. We are off tomorrow to Spittafield's Market. (Thanks for the heads up!) At least that's the plan! Hoping for only a little rain and not getting lost on the tube. So far no huge mistakes - except we got off at the wrong BR station on the way back from Kempton on Tuesday. Everyone was nice and got everything straightened out right away. Not sure we will have time to visit Caravan ... so I already know I need to come back to London!
Have a super week and hugs the kiddos a bit extra!
Betty :)


Awww, Leigh. Absolutely one of the most beautiful little posts yet.
P.S. I'm down to 4 little hats and need to reorder!

caroline said...

oh that's lovely. she's so cute and the dress and hat are great on her. what a nice addition to the party.