Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

Today I went to James Smith & Sons umbrella shop. It was a rainy day--perfect for visiting a beautiful umbrella shop. I loved seeing this girl in front of the umbrella shop, with her rosy pink umbrella. Like me, she was admiring the shop and taking pictures, and just from the sidewalk I understood why. It's one of the many great specialty shops I've read about in my favorite book lately: The Traditional Shops and Restaurants of London by Eugenia Bell (published by The Little Bookroom, publishers one of my other favorite books: Paris Made by Hand). James Smith & Sons specializes in custom umbrellas and walking sticks. I was especially interested in the umbrellas, and the designs and fabrics were diverse and beautiful. While I was in the shop I saw the proprietor repairing an umbrella with care. Umbrella repair is not something I've ever thought of and it reminded me that things weren't always disposable. These umbrellas remind me of a time when people really took care of what they had instead of just throwing it away when it broke. I would love to have one of their umbrellas, but I will have to go back with Andrew to pick one out. He will like them a lot too.

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deerseason87 said...

I used to live just around the corner from that shop! Did you also see the wonderful art supply shop down the street?