Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Red Balloon

It's hard to move on from that Caravan post. I loved being there so much and showing it to you that I'd like to leave it here right on top of my blog like a favorite magazine in a stack. Ah, well, I have to move on at some point, and last night I found a good reason to do so (two actually, the other one comes later--saving the best for later).

Last night, after dinner, it was extremely hot in our apartment because I had the not so bright idea to make chicken noodle soup on one of the hotter days in London in a tiny apartment with no AC. Our windows just crack open, and they were cracked, but it wasn't enough. It was hot. Very hot. We have one door that opens to a railing, a sort of fake balcony, but it's too dangerous to have it open with the little one crawling around. After having our hot chicken noodle soup (that I made homemade from a chicken we roasted the night before, yum), I was sweating and thirsty for a lemonade. I opened the balcony door and yelled, "someone bring me a lemonade!" I don't think anyone heard me, and Andrew just laughed at me.

As I looked up the sky was beautiful, and I saw this one red balloon lifting up and up into the air. I lunged for the camera and almost tripped over Lois and fell over a chair to do so, but I grabbed it, and snap. I had no idea what settings the camera was on and didn't have time to check. I knew I would miss it if I didn't just take the picture. So, here you have a picture of a random cherry red balloon in a cotton candy pink sunset. It was one of those magical moments that went by in a flash, which might also be the top reason to always have a camera handy. You never know when you might see a red balloon. Maybe one day another red balloon will come along and follow me.


nath said...

ah! magic right there.

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amanda said...

That's one of my favorite movies! I still own it on VHS. ;-)