Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vintage For Baby

Lately I've found some really cute vintage clothes for Lois. Some things she's already too big for, and some she's not big enough for yet, so I thought I'd hang some of those things in her room. How adorable is this little clown top (which has matching bloomers that you can't see here)? I found it at Chloe's Closet. It's a consignment store for children's clothes--mostly gently worn baby Gap and the like, but they also carry some vintage clothes as well. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this one hanging there. If Lois can fit in it when she turns 1, it might be her first birthday outfit.
At Chloe's Closet, I also got two dresses that looked like they were made from tea towels or some other kind of linens. They're shown below on the right and left. My friend Alex gave me the cutest dress for Lois that has a tea towel apron front, so I've been on the lookout for some similar dresses. Before we left for our trip I took down the little outfits that were hanging above Lois' crib and replaced them with the three dresses shown below.

This one in the center is from Vintage Touch on etsy. She makes the cutest clothes out of great vintage prints. I love these two fabrics together, and they look perfect in the little one's room.

And this week, while shopping at the Goodwill with my mom, I found an adorable vintage jumper that I'll have to post later. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but it's so cute. I will show you soon.


nath said...

oh i do so love finding vintage children's clothes.

i always buy them no matter the size! for example, i have a dress for when Iris is nine! i like to think of myself as being well-organised.

i found some wonderful things when Iris was about Lois's age, in a giant brocante in France for a few euros - she wore and wore them. you always get me reminiscing about past flea market finds!

coincidentally, i went through some dresses that have been lying in waiting in a bottom drawer, and happily most of them fit Iris now! She also wear dresses that are too small as tops, they look super-cute!

epic comment - sorry!

littlebyrd said...

These are so cute! Lois is going to be adorable in that clown one :)
There are never that many great clothing items for boys but when he was really small I found the cutest pair of vintage corduroy overalls - like 1970's ones that I just loved on him!!