Monday, 6 July 2009

Patch Work

I just realized I haven't mentioned it yet, but I'm back in Atlanta now, and I'm so excited I can't sleep and woke up and the crack of dawn. YAY!! We're having a family vacation again this year in Edisto Beach in South Carolina, but first I'll be in Atlanta with my mom and sister and nephews and friends for 2 whole weeks, and then we'll go to the beach. It wouldn't be a vacation without a few fun craft projects, so I brought some patterns with me to sew some things with my mom and sister. Two of the things I want to make are Alicia's patchwork pillow and her Jane market bag. Before I left, I made a mess of my fabric stash to pick out fabrics for the pillows. Shown here are a bunch of 4 x 4 inch patches I cut for two different pillows. This first brown, green, and blue fabrics are for my sister's pillow. I think she'll like what I chose for her. The colors in her house are neutral--lots of linen and pale greenish-gray walls. I think the color is actually called putty. Below, up close, is a picture of one of my top favorite fabrics, ever. I look at it all the time and love it so much. I brought more of it for the Jane market bag. My mom found that fabric and gave some to me a few years ago.

And here are some squares cut for a yellow, red, and blue patch pillow. I want to make it for Lois' room, even though I don't think her room needs any more pillows. Can you have too many pillows, though?

I can't wait to make these. I hope they turn out! I will be sure to let you know and post a picture when we're done. I'm sooooo excited to be here. Last night, after I got to my mom's, a big storm came in. It was pouring sheets and sheets of rain, and along with it was thunder and lightening! I went out on the front porch and called Andrew so he could hear it (he's not coming until next week). A thunder storm might not be exciting for people who experience them often, but in San Francisco we don't get thunder storms, and I miss them so much. San Francisco really only gets rain in the winter and spring. The first summer we lived there, after moving there in May, it rained once in July (the first rain since before we moved there), and it was the top story on the news. At the time I thought it was the strangest thing in the world that rain in summer could be the top news story, but having lived there 3 years now, I understand. It just doesn't rain in summer there. In the southeast, though, if it doesn't rain for for more than 2 weeks, everything and everyone is parched and scorching and just waiting for the next storm. Well, it was a great one last night. All the flowers are perky and happy--like me!

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I took off my blogroll because it was getting a little out of control. I've added a lot of blogs to my reader, which you can see under my profile in the blogs I'm following section. I have more to add, but it's a start.


littlebyrd said...

Your time away sounds like it is going to be wonderful!!!! I love patchwork stuff. Can't wait to see your finished projects :)


I know you are truly in your happy place right now. Enjoy every minute with your family and all those storms. I love the drama of thunderstorms. have a great time kiddo.
P.S. Just had an early breakfast with Peter who said he ran into you guys at Thriftown. He said to say hi.
Lisa & Alfie

caroline said...

oh i'm lonely knowing you are not right around the corner. and i am missing thunderstorms too now that you mention one....
have a great visit!


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

Hello! Just checking in to say Hi:)

My blogroll gets a little nuts sometimes, too...I totally understand.

nath said...

oh, that sounds like fun, all of it. i really want to learn how to patchwork. there are so many things i want to learn more about!

you sounds really happy. how nice.