Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Birthday to Come

Today was Lois' 9 month birthday! That's a big one for the under 1 year birthday monthlies. I put her in a pretty white ruffly dress for her photo shoot, but she got really dirty before I had a chance to take the pictures. A mixture of dog sludge and her mushy turkey and veggie lunch did the trick and canceled the photo shoot for the day. I was at my sister's house, and the only other clothes I brought over there were dirty too, so her official birthday shoot will be in the next few days. Or maybe I'll wait until we get to the beach. In any case, they're coming soon. To hold you over, here's a shot with the iPhone--Lois in her glam baby sunglasses kickin' it in the backyard with her cousins earlier this week. Life is good. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from my sister's house. I'm so excited to show you those.

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littlebyrd said...

Ha! I love the sunglasses! Those are too cool.