Friday, 12 June 2009

Party Hats and Dresses

It's been a while since I made any party hats. I got a little burned out and have hardly made any the last few months. A long time ago I wanted to make some things to match the hats like bibs and dresses. Last year, after an etsy seller requested I make a party hat to match a dress she made for a customer of hers, I knew it was time I started making my own. It took me a while to get motivated, but last week I finally got started and now I'm sewing like a mad woman! These dresses are really simple, but I still had trouble with a few things like the arm holes, and my machine kept wanting to eat the fabric. I almost threw my machine out the window and gave up, but I got the hang of it after a while. I love the little dresses I've made and have a pile of more fabrics cut and ready to sew. You'd think 10 people were sewing here all day if you looked at the mess I've made.

My favorites so far are the two sets pictured here. The first one I made using the quilt top I bought recently at the flea market, and the second one below I made using some great barkcloth my mom gave me a while back. I think I'll have to make Lois one from the quilt top, too. I just love all the cute prints on that quilt top.

More dress and hat sets coming soon, that is until I burn out again! If you know a baby girl with a birthday coming up, these are for sale in the party hat shop now. I have some more bibs for boys in the works, too.


littlebyrd said...

Leigh! These are SO GOOD! What beautiful creations you are making. I wish I knew some little girls...I know lots and lots of little boys.

alex t said...

leigh, i love these! the quilt top is adorable! And yes please...bib for boys!

caroline said...

they look so great!


Hey Leigh,
That reminds me! Party Hats? Willa Home? Lets discuss!
Lisa & Alfie
P.S. can't wait to see Lois in one of those!