Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Flea Market Fun

On Sunday I made my usual trip to the Alemany flea market, which is one of my favorite times of the week. Andrew has daddy time with Lois while I have alone time to wander among all the flea market treasures, and I love it! I always bring a limited amount of cash, usually a very limited amount, and I don't bring our checkbook because some vendors will say they'll take a check and that could get me into trouble. This week I spent all my money before I made it down even 1/5 of one isle. I had only visited 3 tables before I was out of cash! I try to look around first then go back to certain vendors, but I usually just get caught up in whatever I'm interested in at the moment and end up barely looking around first. And sometimes I end up buying some things just because they're so darn cheap (not the best way to shop). After I spent all my cash, I did see a great quilt top. I love quilt tops and have found a few here before.

I've been wanting to make some pillows like the one I made for my mom out of cut up quilt top pieces, but I can't bring the scissors to a perfectly good quilt top, so I've been hoping to find one with holes or stains that I wouldn't feel bad about cutting up, and Sunday was the day! But like I said, I was already out of cash, so I told the vendor I'd be back. Sometimes you just know when you have to go back. I had to pretty much find my way back to him through squinty eyes so I wouldn't accidentally notice anything else I had to have. With eyes practically closed, I ran and got the quilt top and left.


littlebyrd said...

A girl after my own heart :)
My husband watches our son on Saturday mornings and I go to the thrift shops most weekends. I wish we had a great weekly flea around here. Your treasures are wonderful.

caroline said...

nice loot!