Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Treasures Now In My Shop

So in my etsy shop I've listed just almost everything I got from the flea market this past Sunday, including this cute child's tea set above. My favorite thing, though, is already reserved for someone! It's this envelope letter holder below. It's metal and really rustic looking with its rugged paint job, but I love it. Someone sent me an email earlier today asking how I part with the good stuff. Well, the truth of it is we just don't have room. And I don't ever want Peter Walsh to show up at my place and look in the closets. Not only that, but I think if you're going to sell vintage things, you have to sell things you really like, otherwise your shop will look like a garage sale--just the cast off stuff you don't really want anyway, and people pick up on that. So I parted with the really cool letter holder (displayed with one of Katrine's cute tea time cards) and will part with more fun treasures soon.

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MisiNawi said...

Hi there..How cute are these lovely things...I just felt in love with this envelope holder!
Wish you a great thursday!!!
Warm and sunny greetings from Brazil!