Sunday, 22 June 2008

Flea Market Outing

This morning I found a whole bunch of treasures at the Alemany Flea Market, but just came home with a few. I spent most of yesterday attempting to make room for the baby, which means cleaning out the guest bedroom (aka our storage unit / my craft room), which means cleaning out every other nook and cranny in our apartment to store what I take out of the guest bedroom. Basically I just move stuff around and, alas, seem to have less room than I started with. But this process also involves filling quite a few bags to take to the Salvation Army, so we're making some progress though it's slow going. After spending most of the day fussy because we (or I should say I) have so much stuff with no place to put it, I really have no business going to the flea market and buying anything. But I did anyway! (We do need some things, like things for the baby room.) Above is an adorable pull toy for the baby room that I got for $15--it's so cute! I think I may have mentioned that we're going for a vintage look in there, so this will be perfect on the shelf that's going to go above the daybed we're getting. It reminds me of some of the cute kids things I often see at Three Potato Four. We're getting a lead paint test kit to test all the old, chippy painted stuff I've been buying for her room--we wouldn't want to poison her!

For the baby, I got a handful of old kid's books--some for .50 cents and some others for $2.50.

I liked this vendor's stuff--old scales, farming equipment, metal stools, and . . .

this great, old map of San Francisco that I got for $25. My mom bought Paula an old map of New York that was similar to this one for $100, and though it was in better condition than this one, I couldn't resist. I love it. It will go in our hallway. I think I'll have it framed but without glass.

I got this old painted lamp for $10. I've been wanting a new lamp for our bathroom, which has somehow taken on a floral theme so I think it will look cute in there. I just need a little shade for it.

Then do you remember the quilt top I got last weekend, the one on the right? Well, I also liked the one next to it, but didn't get that one then, but it was there today and I got it for $15. When I got home and opened it up, I noticed a price tag. I looked at it, and it said $200! Yikes, I think I got a deal.


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

These are great finds - I love flea markets..:)

Mélanie said...

I love my walk with you in the flea markets ! I love your finds