Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Interior Divine

I started my blog a while after we moved to San Francisco because I was feeling a bit alone. I wasn't feeling lonely, just alone, if that makes sense. I felt like a spectator to my interests here for some reason in a way that I didn't at home, and I hoped I might make a few friends through blogging (sounds a little sad, but it's true!). Also, I was constantly emailing my mom and sister pictures of what I was up to--pictures of places me and Andrew had been, pictures of things I made, pictures from the flea market, etc., I and thought a blog would be an easier way to share what I was up to.

I come across blogs I like all the time, and I could easily blog hop all day every day if I had the time. I could just write a post each day about other blogs I like, but then I'd just be sending you away from me, and I wouldn't want that! Sometimes, though, like today, I can't resist. I found a blog that makes me lean in when I'm reading and looking at the pictures--you know, when you're really into it and you realize your head's just a few inches from the computer? Well, that's what I'm doing when I click the pages of Interior Divine. I love the comfortable, rustic aesthetic--that lived in feeling--that shines through in all the interiors she features. I keep a folder on my desktop of inspiring interiors that I like, and I might end up saving just about every picture featured on her blog.

I think my silk dress would look nice hanging on the wall in this room. Isn't it pretty to think so?


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

I am going to enjoy browsing on this site, thank you so much for sharing it!
I do that too, where I get as close to the screen as possible, trying to absorb what is being shown:)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog name... after I named my store FOUND 4 years ago, I discovered that Found is a very popular name indeed for those of us who are finders at heart. Your photos are wonderful - thanks for sharing! Mary @FOUND in Ann Arbor, Michigan

mln said...

thank you, Leigh, for such kind comments about my blog. it makes me happy that anyone might feel "at home" while reading and perusing the photos.
i'm glad to have discovered your lovely blog too.


That bedroom reminds me of yours for some reason.
Lisa and Alfie