Monday, 11 May 2009

For Keeps

Last week Caroline told me about an estate sale she thought I'd like to check out. When I looked at the pictures advertising the sale, like the one above, I knew I had to go (later I emailed Lisa about it, and of course she had already been and made quite a dent in her own wallet). I really wanted to see that little dress hanging from the bedpost in person and hoped it was still there. It was even better in person, and I bought it! At first I thought I might want to sell it in my etsy shop, but it's a keeper for sure. I don't think I'd actually have Lois wear it, but I thought it would look pretty in her room one day. I picture a little girl's room in shades of pale pink and ivory. I'm not really a pastel gal--neutral, bold and dark colors appeal to me more, but I can just picture this dress hanging on pale pink walls. It's silk and a perfect champagne color with a hint of shimmer to it. The hem is out, but that can be fixed.

I just got a few other little things at the sale, but earlier in the week, I found this dress, pictured below, at the Salvation Army and it's a keeper too. A soon as I saw it I hoped it would fit me, and it did! It's a great shape and knee length. I love the colors and the print. A lucky find for sure. With thrifting, I only get this lucky every once in a while--something great is either the wrong size, has a spot or tear, or something else is wrong with it. This one's close to perfect.

I'm at my mom's now in Atlanta and sooooo excited! I already went to the Goodwill near my mom's with my grandma (this thrifting, it's a family affair). I know, I have a shopping addiction. At least it's thrift shopping. I only spent $11 this morning. Oh, and I'll post Lois' 7 month birthday pictures soon.


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

Ohhhh, great dresses! The colors in that are STUNNING.

I know...I am a bit (ha!) addicted as well. At least I am cheap:)

littlebyrd said...

If I would have seen a picture like that for a sale here I would have been first in line! That little dress is so beautiful. As is the one for yourself. Have fun in Atlanta!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Such a beautiful little dress, I am a thrifting addict too, everything was so much more nicely made in the past.


Finally! A keeper. This is such the perfect style for you. I wish you could keep them all! Are you keeping an eye out for portraits.....?
Lisa & Alfie

nath said...

both dresses are lovely, i particularly swooned at the second. no nice when a dreamy dress falls into your hands, eh?