Sunday, 22 March 2009

Marin Farmer's Market

We're back home in San Francisco now, yippe! Home. Our bed, our stuff, our favorite restaurants and places, etc. We had a great time during our European adventure, but it's great to be home. This week I've spent most of my time unpacking and going through our ridiculously huge pile of mail. In between the unpacking and mail opening and errand running, while Lois naps, I've also been updating my etsy with a bunch of fun stuff. I took a lot of the pictures in Zurich (of things I bought there), so it's been pretty easy to post a bunch of things. Today we got back in the swing of our usual routine and went to the farmer's market. Normally we go to the Alemany Farmer's Market, but we didn't end up getting over there yesterday, so today instead we went to the Marin Farmer's Market at the Civic Center there. We've been to this market a few times and really like it a lot. It's a bit pricey, but they have a lot of good produce, and a number of vendors have delicious prepared foods, like the roasted chicken below. You could smell the roasting chicken from the parking lot. Yum.

On our way, after we crossed the bridge, we saw a rainbow! A reminder of why it's always a good idea to bring the camera. You never know when you'll see something extra special like a rainbow.

This rainbow was especially spectacular because it made a full arch and there was a second rainbow right next to it (though that one was more subtle). You can just barely make out the second one to the right of the one above.

It was so pretty!


caroline said...

did you bite a chicken?

Michelle said...

Yeah! You guys are home! Weeee, (we thought about you, and we are thinking about a visit over to Ol California this year :)

Social Marketing Mama said... the farmers market photos...very nice! I'm a sucker for good photgraphy.