Wednesday, 18 March 2009


For our last weekend in Switzerland, we decided to take the train to Alsace, France. Above is a little collage of some of our pictures. Thanks to Caroline for showing me how to do that! (I've only been meaning to learn for forever.) Alsace has a long history with German roots, which you can see in the style of architecture throughout the region. The town we stayed in, Ribeauvillé, was so darn cute that it looked a little bit like a theme park at Disney, only this was the real thing. The scenery was beautiful, and the wine and food delicious. We stayed at a nice hotel on a hill that provided an amazing view. We also had a terrific dinner at the hotel restaurant (with Lois sleeping soundly in the car seat next to us). We had an equally great lunch at Zum Pfifferhus. It was a great way to spend our last weekend in Europe, and we look forward to going back!

I left my heart in Alsace! Really, though, we did have one of these little tarts and it was sooo good!

Above is a Kugelhopf, which we didn't have, but the area is known for them. It's a type of cake or sweetened bread. Just ask MyKugelhopf, she'll tell you!

A real castle on a hill! We saw quite a few castles on hills.

The view from our room. It might be hard to tell since it's not quite spring there yet, but the hills were covered in grape vines.

The sky looked pretty.

Lois and Andrew had a great time. Here they are on our patio checking out the great view. See you next time Alsace!


Suzele said...

Sounds like you were in Ribeauvillé...

Leigh said...

Hi Suzeie, yes we were in Ribeauvillé. I updated the post with the town name and a link for info. Thanks!

Michelle said...

AHHH, her face is filling out, and she is even more adorable now! Wowza, she is adorable!!!!

The Scribe of Rotten Hill said...

Right, that's it. I'm taking my wife to Alsace for our anniversary next weekend!