Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Lately I've been trying to decide if I want to get a dress form to shoot my clothes for my etsy shop or just model them myself and have Andrew take the pictures. Recently I noticed that one of my favorite vintage etsy sellers, Anne from Thrush, is using models instead of a dress form now, and I love all of her new pictures. All of the models look great, but I'm especially drawn to this girl. How amazing is she? I have a girl crush. Everything looks so good on her and makes me want to shop! Don't you have a crush on Thrush now too after seeing these?


The Hip Homemaker said...

I love her shop. I have been lurking on it for quite some time. My favorite thing is the names she gives her products. So inventive and fun. And you are right, the models are great! I love the haircut that this model is sporting. Super cute!

caroline said...

yes and i see a new hair cut for you, too.

ali said...

ooh i couldn't agree more. i also may have to steal that haircut!

definitely model them yourself... rather than a dress form. so much more intriguing that way, you can really get inspired by the clothes... and you would be great!

oh, i meant to respond to one of your last comments over on flibberty — I'm over in East Point, near College Park (aka near the airport). my bf lives in Cabbage Town though, near East Lake where you guys used to be. it's changed quite a bit - you'd be surprised.

cheers! ali

Kate said...

Superb hair! I love it.

nath said...

yes, i do. she's lovely.